Weston Foods Corporate Responsibilty

President’s Message

Since 1882, George Weston Limited has provided wholesome bakery products to our consumers and offered the best bakery solutions to our retail customers. At Weston Foods, we aspire to be a North American leader in baking products and solutions while operating in a world class manner.

The sustainability of our business is closely tied to the manner in which we manage our environmental responsibilities, maintain world class food safety throughout our supply chain, source our ingredients responsibly, maintain the highest levels of employee safety, engage and develop our colleagues and lead in the communities in which we operate.

Under ownership of the Weston Family, we have established a tradition of responsible and forward looking stewardship. We expect to build on this tradition by continuing to implement world class practices and taking a leadership role in key areas such as water, energy/climate, food safety, sustainable sourcing and our colleagues and communities.

We look forward to sharing our progress with our key stakeholders.

Luc Mongeau
President, Weston Foods

Weston Foods

Weston Foods is a leading North American bakery company that actively participates across segments of the Bakery market by introducing innovative products and maintaining its highly effective cost management culture.

Careers at Weston Foods

Given that our employees are our most valuable resource, we believe in providing a generous benefit package that not only supports them financially, but also optimizes their health, family life and overall well-being.